Sunglasses for Square Faces


The best sunglasses for a square face can either complement its sharp angles or help tone them down. You may want to make the most of your high cheekbones or grab a pair that makes your face appear more rounded. We can help you find the right pair to suit your face in your favorite style and color.

Round Sunglasses

Some of the best sunglasses for square face female pairs have rounded lenses and matching frames. Round lenses offer a strong contrast in comparison to your square jaw and other features. An oversized pair that is larger than what you normally wear can hide some of the features that you don't like. You can choose from funky designs or more traditional styles. We offer round sunglasses for square faces that feature polarized lenses to give you more sun protection, too. You'll also find feminine pairs in shades of purple and pink.

Aviator Sunglasses and More

You have more than just round sunglasses to choose from if you have a square face. Classic Aviators offer a cool and classic look that goes with everything from jeans and T-shirts to formal wear. Cat-eye sunglasses have a vintage style and are available in tons of materials and designs. The best sunglass shape for square face designs should be slightly wider than your cheekbones. This allows the glasses to fit comfortably on your face.

Frames for Square Faces

You can choose sunglasses for square faces that come in soft brown and other neutral colors that match your everyday clothing or fashion-forward pairs that help you stand out. Whether you choose Aviators or round sunglasses, make sure that the frames highlight your face. Metal frames with plastic elements are common with Aviators that feature reflective lenses. Plastic frames are a little more affordable and can stand up to daily wear. Sunglasses for square faces can feature either type of frames. Make the most of your distinctive facial shape with our selection of the best sunglasses for square faces.

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