Aviator Sunglasses


We feature the best Aviator sunglasses for an active lifestyle. Enjoy the summer and catch all the vitamin D you can. At the same time, protect your eyes while swimming, hiking, boating and more. Browse our selections of Aviator sunglasses built to last, and find ones that make a fashion statement.

Polarized Aviator Sunglasses

We offer a multitude of two-toned Aviator sunglasses. Choose from gradient lenses or pick among the numerous mirrored and solid-colored variations in stock. Lens shades frequently available include purple, cyan, black, peach and magenta. You also can find lens styles that work well with just about every face shape. Frame colors include both solids and prints in bright red, black, purple print and more. Our lenses give you the benefit of UV ray protection while soaking in necessary sunlight.

Lifestyle Aviator Sunglasses

These Aviator sunglasses stand the test of time. They benefit the active lifestyle, and you can wear them while fishing and boating, playing volleyball or jet skiing, among other activities. They also serve well for adventures such as rock climbing, hiking or camping. Choose from subtle designs such as the purple shades with matching print frames or black lenses with solid-colored frames. Alternatively bold-colored, red frames contrasted with bright, aqua-colored lenses or similar color combinations are regularly offered.

Tips on Choosing the Aviator Sunglasses

You can purchase Aviator sunglasses according to what’s desirable for wearing during special occasions. For instance, red, white and blue lifestyle sunglasses are usually in stock for Memorial Day or the 4th of July. You might also decide to make your choice based on the lens shapes you feel confident wearing. The color of swimwear and other outdoor clothing also might influence your choice. For your active lifestyle, choose the Aviator sunglasses built with durability and style in mind.

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