Mouthwatering Motoring: San Diego’s Dopest Food Trucks

Mouthwatering Motoring: San Diego’s Dopest Food Trucks

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Header photo (Brisket Sandwich) courtesy Fork Yeah! Food Truck’s Facebook

Ah, food trucks. Magnificent, mouthwatering mobile dens of deliciousness. Feasts on wheels… and San Diego is home to some of the finest, most “nomworthy” in the whole dang country.

Here are a few of the tastiest and dopest SD has to offer, but do note that this is but a small selection of some of the most badass.


1. Devilicious

Photo: Lobster Grilled Cheese via Sharisse A. on Yelp!


Phone: 951-514-6332

Voted Best Food Truck of 2016 on the San Diego A-List (among other recent awards), it isn’t difficult to see what makes Devilicious so popular—just look at some of the menu options. Butter-poached lobster grilled cheese, duck confit grilled cheese (multiple grilled cheese options are never a bad thing), truffled parmesan fries, a pork belly melt, crab cake with spicy aioli sauce… hell yes.


2. Kiko’s Taco Truck

Photo: Shrimp Ceviche via Bradley N. on Yelp!

Address: 4404 Texas St (at Meade Ave)

San Diego, CA 92116

Mission Valley Location: 5494 Mission Center Rd

San Diego, CA 92108

Hours: Monday - Saturday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. | Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: (619) 623-0675

Kiko’s truck specializes in fish tacos but, rest assured, you can’t go wrong with any of the fare here. Check out that shrimp ceviche above or visit their Facebook for more insane photos, including items such as their garlic shrimp tacos and octopus tacos.


3. Joes on the Nose

Photo: Aloha Latte via Diana B. on Yelp!

Address: 3960 Normal St , San Diego, CA

Also, 400 W. Date St (at State St.), San Diego, CA


Need a midday pick-me-up? Joes has got you. They specialize in a vast variety of coffee-based drinks to serve all the caffeine-crazed folks throughout San Diego. Horchata Lattes, Aloha Lattes (pictured), iced espresso cocktails… even fruit smoothie bowls! Bear in mind that Joes on the Nose has been doing its thing since 2007, making it Cali’s longest-running food truck of its type.


4. Super Q Food Truck

Photo: Mac N’ Cheese Brisket Melt via Jessica G. on Yelp!

Address: 12735 Poway Rd

Poway, CA 92064

b/t Carriage Rd & Silver Lake Dr



Super Q has garnered top food truck honors from San Diego Magazine and it isn’t remotely hard to understand why. Sliders, sandwiches, and wild-ass melts make up the bulk of their menu—this is “comfort food” in its purest form. A couple specific examples of the dope goodness that awaits you: 

  1. Super Q Brisket Melt (three cheese mac n’ cheese, Texas beef brisket, topped with sautéed onions scattered on grilled sourdough and lavished with melted cheddar) 
  2. BBQ Asada Fries (seasoned wedge-cut fries, house-made pico, shredded cheese, jalapeños, BBQ sauce, and your choice of meat)


5. Mastiff Sausage Company Food Truck

Photo: 3-Way Pork Sandwich. Braised Shoulder, Roasted Loin, & Crispy Belly via @MastiffSausage

Address/Hours: Can be found on Twitter.

Phone: 760-504-3834



Mastiff Sausage Company has a laser focus on utilizing locally-sourced and grown ingredients as well as humanely raised pork to craft a stellar menu that’s won serious acclaim from critics and casual fans alike. A product of two San Diego natives, foodies that drop by the truck get to inhale housemade sausages as well as entrees that include the likes of the following:

  1. A short rib grilled cheese (packed with red-wine-braised short ribs, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, artisan bread, and house pickles) 
  2. “Pig Fries” (house-cut fries, cotija cheese, cilantro with al pastor sausage, harissa aioli, crispy pork belly, and slow-roasted pork).


6. Fork Yeah! Food Truck

Photo: Coconut Shrimp Sliders via Fork Yeah! on Yelp!



#3 on the San Diego “A List” for Best Food Truck in 2017, Fork Yeah! Specializes in Cali comfort food that focuses on burgers, tacos, and, yup, even their own take on Poke. Consider only a few of the possibilities:

  1. Cali’s Finest Burger (with cheese, organic heirloom tomato, prosciutto, butter lettuce, mayo, mustard, and Fork Yeah! sauce on a sesame seed bun)
  2. Poke Bowl (marinated Yellowfin tuna with garlic, soy sauce, ginger, Sriracha aioli, and served with micro greens and jasmine rice)
  3. Steak Chimichurri Fries
  4. Farmer’s Market Grilled Cheese

Keep in mind that available items change daily!


7. Nana’s Heavenly Hot Dogs

Photo: Western and Kraut Dogs via Jay S. on Yelp!



Existing as both a full-service truck and a push cart, Nana’s has been rocking the tastebuds of San Diego food truck aficionados since 2010. The dogs are Hebrew National variety and you can create your own or rely on the favorites, including the Ranch Dog (bacon, buttermilk, ranch dressing and fresh-sliced tomato) or the cream cheese and chili Nana Dog.

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