Summer Blend, May 2017: A Gallery of Blenders Sunglasses in Action

Summer Blend, May 2017: A Gallery of Blenders Sunglasses in Action

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We love our product photos. It’s one of the finest ways to show off our shades so you can make the best, most informed decision as you conduct your online sunglasses shopping.

Still, although the fit and finish of pro pictures are great, we think there’s something to be said for “in the wild” shots of kickass people just like you enjoying their Blenders in everyday (yet sometimes extraordinary) situations. For that, below we present our “Summer Blend.”

1. @gratefullylauren | Location: North Shore, Hawaii

A hot sun, an island tune, and a cool pair of shades… athlete, traveler and “fun haver” Lauren is absolutely doing the most with this photo, snapped in North Shore, Hawaii. The green and yellow floral frame design of these Blenders complements the setting perfectly, too.

We’d say we’re low-key envious of your life right now, Lauren, but honestly, it’s pretty high-key.

Shades: Sunshine Wild



2. @rickygregg_ | Location: Newport Beach, CA

With a good pair of sunnies, sometimes you feel emboldened to just do whatever. Here, Ricky from San Diego took time out on a gorgeous May day to put a literal spin on “stuntin on em.” Only appropriate that he wore a pair of sunglasses dubbed the “Wildcat.”

Shades: Wildcat



3. @meganxo | Location: Antigua Island, West Indies

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, extreme water sports, and epic use of the selfie stick… Megan’s photo here has us aching for a vacation to the Leeward Islands. Somehow, she raises the bar even further by donning a pair of our best-selling Tipsy Goats, our May 2017 featured shades.

Shades: Tipsy Goat Polarized



4. @veranmiky | Location: Shwedagon, Myanmar

Myanmar’s only the latest country for @veranmiky, who has now traveled to SIXTY-FOUR. In his most recent journey, he took in the awe-inspiring Shwedagon Pagoda, pictured here. Also known as the Golden Pagoda or Great Dagon Pagoda, it looms over the Yangon skyline as Myanmar’s most sacred Buddhist pagoda. Legend even suggests it contains the relics of four previous Buddhas!

Shades: Blue Angel 

5. @erickson_grace | Location: Coachella, CA

Ah, Coachella. The music, the people… the food. It’s all pretty incredible, and Grace of Los Angeles, pictured, couldn’t help but prance and dance through it all this past May. The gloss brown tortoise styling of our Carolina Honey shades played awesomely with her festival outfit, too.

Shades: Carolina Honey

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