Cat-eye frames with singular polarized lenses.

We're proud to offer an extensive selection of stylish sunglasses to accessorize your lifestyle with panache. The single lens cat eye sunglasses of the Buttertron line are both chic and edgy, and they incorporate a cool factor to suit life in forward motion. With thoughtfully crafted aesthetics, they will make you stand out in a crowd, be it at the beach or the nightclub.

Rad Frames

The cat eye frame is a retro-chic design that rarely goes out of style. You can choose solid-colored, plain frames or tortoise-shell prints in sedate brown or electric blue. Lens frames may be glossy and transparent to juxtapose with solid matte temples for an eye-catching contrast. Metal accents at the temples add an extra dash of style.

Cool Lenses

The lenses exhibit bold experimentation with contrasting hues to create arresting effects. Colors range from light and breezy hues for daywear and vivid and vibrant shades for nighttime outings. Light blue lenses that contrast with crystal matte tortoise frames are ideal for surfing or chilling on the beach. Womens cat eye sunglasses include combinations such as hot pink mirrored lenses contrasting with purple tortoise frames. You can also choose from among jet black, vibrant purple, calming champagne and pale rose gold lenses to suit your individual taste.

Polarized Protection

The polarized cat eye sunglasses are stylish but also keep you protected outdoors. The lenses are available in eye-catching tints that are mirrored or matte. They offer 100% UV protection to keep you safe during casual outings or outdoor activities. The cutting-edge designs and surprising color combinations of the Buttertron line create striking pairs of eyewear that are lifestyle products but are also ideally suited for outdoor activities. Check out our selection to find the pair that suits your style.

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