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With our new Monarch collection, you can find several beautiful pairs of women's butterfly sunglasses. They have a medium to large fit, which means they can be your next pair of oversize shades. They're also super lightweight, so you can forget you're even wearing them. You'll turn heads and stand out with these sunglasses, and you can wear them wherever you go, whether it be during your daily errands or to a themed party! Keep an eye out for new lens colors and metal materials that'll be released in the future.

Best Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses

We offer the best butterfly sunglasses that can make you feel like you're one with nature. They have the same delicate shape as Monarch butterfly wings, which is something you don't see very often. The beautiful yet basic shape gives you the butterfly feeling without looking childish.

Beautiful Gold Rims

The stunning gold rims work perfectly with the rose color and highlight the design. After the hinge, the arms go from slim to thick. The slimness helps keep you comfortable, while the wider areas on the end help make sure they stay on your face during your daily activities. The bases of the nose pieces are further down and slanted, which is another feature that can help keep the sunglasses in place and comfortable.

High-Quality Materials

Every piece of these sunglasses is made from high-quality materials. All the metal pieces are stainless steel, and the nose pads are a strong plastic that's designed to be durable. The lenses are built to last and stay strong for the long run. These are high-quality sunglasses that should be here for many seasons to come.

Protective Gradiant Lenses

Not only are the lenses gradient, but they're also protective. The top of the lenses is a darker rose color, and the color gets lighter as it goes down until it becomes a light pink. These butterfly shades have a 100% UV rating, which makes them a great choice for outdoor activities on a sunny day. Contact us at Blenders Eyewear to see more of our best Monarch sunglasses.

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