Progressive Eyeglasses

Blenders Prescription keeps getting better. Our line of glasses that help you “beat the blur” started with single-vision lenses… and now, we’ve added incredible progressive eyeglasses to the mix!

Are Progressive Glasses Worth It?

Progressive glasses give you serious bang for your buck because they effectively incorporate three separate prescriptions into one pair of glasses; in other words, if your eyesight has been suffering at various distances, these are the prescription glasses for you. Progressive lenses enhance visibility at near distances, middle distances, and at long distances. Need to read a magazine? No problem. Gotta knock out some work on the computer? You’re good. Need to get behind the wheel? You’ll see your environment clearly.

Benefits of Progressive Glasses

Progressive glasses have other benefits, too. Unlike old-school bifocal and trifocal lenses, progressive lenses don’t have the visible lines separating the different prescription areas. These lenses are instead completely seamless for an exceptionally slick, stylish look. Additionally, there’s no “jump” when moving between near and long distance viewing, which cannot be said when using conventional bifocals or trifocals. And another bonus: Progressive glasses are the only glasses you’ll have to carry with you. It isn’t necessary to carry separate reading glasses when you’re rocking these Blendz.

Why Choose Blenders Progressives?

Of course, there are all kinds of progressive glasses available out there—but none quite have the spicy style of the Blenders Prescription line. We’ve curated a collection of our fan-favorite frames in a wicked range of colors and patterns. And with available lens upgrades including polarized, blue light, and high index (for stronger prescriptions), you have free rein to create your perfect pair of Blendz.

Have questions about our progressive glasses or our prescription collection as a whole? We’ve got you. Check out our FAQ to learn all about how we handle the prescription submission process, what our lens upgrades mean, and more!

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