Small Sunglasses

People with small faces can feel left out when it comes to eyewear as typical sunglasses have frames and lenses that are too big and overwhelming. Like anyone else, you need sunglasses that fit your lifestyle and move with you. That's why we offer a variety of frame sizes and lens shapes at affordable prices to give you the best sunglasses for small faces money can buy.

Lens Types

The type of lenses in your sunglasses is a crucial part of what allows you to stay full speed ahead. Polarized sunglasses for small faces are important for targeting glare in any weather. A mirrored finish reflects rather than absorbs light, enabling the base lens to be a lighter tint than usual. Meanwhile, polycarbonate sunglasses for small faces offer 100% full UV protection, are lightweight, and are shatterproof and impact-resistant.

Frame Size, Fit and Color

Having a pair of sunglasses that doesn't flatter your face is self-defeating. Too wide or too high, and they'll cover up your face; they could also fall off at any moment. The wrong shape or color, and they'll look unnatural. However, it's possible to have both function and form to match your face shape and size, your skin tone and even your hair color.The ideal sunglasses for small faces have hexagram, cat eye and round shapes. Thin frames offer ideal fits for round and oval faces while thick frames fit angular ones. The cat eye shape flatters angular faces, and hexagram and round shapes flatter almost anyone. After that, it's up to you to choose the colors that express your personality. Dark, soft or bold blues, purples or pastels suit cool skin tones while earthy, bright and vivid colors suit warm skin tones. A subtle shade that matches your hair color will blend in while a contrasting color will make a bold statement.

Keep Only the Frames You Want

If you don't find the right sunglasses for small faces on your first purchase, no problem! You have 45 days to think about other possible choices and take advantage of free returns.

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