Cat-eye frames with metal accents and polarized lenses.

If you need a pair of designer sunglasses to wear around town or to look stylish on a summer vacation, explore our cat eye lineup by Starlet. We have polarized cat eye sunglasses, metal accent cat eye sunglasses, and more.


You'll find cat eye sunglasses in many fun colors in this collection. We have eyewear with vivid tones, clear tones, earthy effects, and more.Every color on a pair of Starlet sunglasses reflects a theme. Some sunglasses have a color scheme that combines white with a pale peach, and others have colors and tones from the darker end of the color spectrum.


There are two types of lenses for Starlet sunglasses: sun and blue light blocking. The sun lens type is a popular option. It's a lens that minimizes light from the sun. If you don't want to completely shield your eyes behind these lenses, we also have polarized champagne lenses. Their color mimics a vibrant sunset at the end of the day.Blue light lenses block the effects of blue light from electronic devices. They're available for subtle cat eye sunglasses and other eyewear by Starlet.

Frame Options

If you browse our selection of Starlet sunglasses, you'll find many attractive frame designs with key details that add flair. Most frames in the collection have stripes by their hinges, and others incorporate small speckles in various spots. We have sleek designer frames with colorful patterns, too. The following are types of frames Starlet cat eye sunglasses come in:

  • Matte rubberized
  • Matte crystal clear
  • Gloss crystal periwinkle
Starlet frames are showstoppers that stand out from the crowd. The front portion of the frame around each lens has character. The frame above each lens is thick, but then it tapers down and becomes thin and slender on the bottom directly underneath the lenses.

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