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If Juliet could see Romeo now, we like to think she'd fall in love all over again. These are the best square sunglasses you'll find on the market. And why is that? Because they take a classic style that fits all face shapes and adds all the flair you could want in polarized mirrored square sunglasses with frames that make a statement. Whether you want to keep it cool with a timeless design or get splashy with the pattern of your shades, Romeo has something for everyone. We also love that they're unisex — so you can share them with all your friends on bright days when your eyes need some of that 100% UV protection.

The Power of Good Lenses

The polarization of the lenses in Romeo sunglasses means that you'll have protection from harmful glare that can affect your eyesight. They sharpen your vision in bright conditions, which makes them great for driving down the highway with friends, spotting wildlife on a hike, complimenting a stranger's outfit on the street, or just taking notice of the beauty around you on a sunny day. Our lenses also come in several stylish shades to match your vibe.

The Square Frame Game

We never intended to reinvent the wheel with these square frame sunglasses, but we did want to bring a little life to the prototypical shape. From tortoiseshell to stripes and a classic solid, the patterns on our frames cover an envious range of style choices. You can make a statement with your eyewear, or keep it simple to accessorize an extravagant outfit. You'll notice that each pair of our sunglasses has two forward stripes on the leg, which aside from being our signature, serves as a symbol of living life in forward motion. A reminder we could all use from time to time.

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