10 Sunglass Styles for Round Faces

10 Sunglass Styles for Round Faces

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How To Tell If You Have A Round Face

Several characteristics connect to each specific face shape, such as rounded jawlines on round face shapes. Other hallmarks of round faces include:1 

  • Forehead: Rounded at the hairline. 
  • Cheekbones: The width of your face is essentially the same as the length.
  • Jawline: Rounded with subtle angles. 
  • Face: The length is equal to the width. 

What Type Of Sunglasses Look Good On Round Faces? 

From retro cat-eye styles to “Top Gun”-style aviators, sunglasses are not only functional, but fun! Regardless of individual face shapes, size matters. While it's important to match your frames to your features—i.e., for delicate features, choose thinner frames that don't overpower your face—you also need full coverage. Look for a shape and fit that fully covers your eyebrows, or at the very least, sits near your brow line. 

To add dimension and perceived length to a round face, try geometric and rectangular frames that hit just above your cheekbones. Square, aviator and Wayfarer-inspired styles all create contrast between an angular frame and your face.2

What Type Of Sunglasses Look Good On Round Faces?

Additional sunglasses for round faces include a variety of style options:  

  • Full-rim sunglasses

The strong lines of square and rectangular sunglasses add balance to round faces. To sharpen your features, amplify the effect with thicker rims in dark colors. 

  • Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Tortoiseshell frames are so versatile, they’ll quickly become your go-to sunglasses. The classic pattern is universally flattering, and since the palette strikes a balance between dark and light, it helps sharpen features. 

  • Wayfarer-inspired sunglasses

Introduced in the 1950s, the distinctive shape of Ray-Ban’s Wayfarers echoes the tail fins of a Cadillac. Artists and musicians have since adopted these iconic shadeswhich, with their sharp edges, especially flatter round faces. 

  • Square sunglasses

Not everyone can pull off square sunglasses, but their strong lines and angles make them a perfect fit for round face shapes.3

Blenders Eyewear offers an array of sunglasses for round faces. Here, we’ve narrowed down some forever-in-fashion and flattering options from the latest looks: 

Purple perfection: a semi-transparent lilac frame encircles a lightly contrasting lavender lens. The temples feature an azure "Gulf Stream" & black tortoise print, illuminated by a gloss finish for maximum impact. 

A modern colorway reinvigorates a classic aviator-esque silhouette. On the front, the frame smoothly transitions from matte black to blush, creating a contrasting effect that ethereally fades away. At the side, stainless steel temples glow with a pale rose hue. 

Heavenly blue lenses add an ethereal accent to the crystal clear matte frame. A crystal purple, blue and solid black tortoise pattern stands out along the exterior, leaving the silvertone metal core shining through at the temples. 

Angles and curves combine for a distinctive aesthetic that’s all about making a statement. Solid matte black frames and contrasting purple/blue lenses add up to a fierce finish.

Perfectly polished: A gloss finish and sophisticated champagne sheen elevate this look. Crystal peach on the interior frame and solid black on the exterior frame add bold contrast. 

With a wardrobe-friendly solid matte black frame, these sunnies go with whatever else you’re wearing. On the interior, a semi-transparent crystal blue accent along the front rim complements bold blue polarized lenses. 

A nuanced matte blue tone offsets the light gold lenses perfectly, while a silvertone metal core races down the length of the temples. On the interior of the frame, blue contrasts with crystal peach for an eye-catching effect. 

Make a fearless fashion statement! A dual-tone design revitalizes the crystal clear frame, while a goldtone metal core complements gold-and-black tortoise. On front, teal-and-black tortoise add chic contrast to polarized smoke lenses. 

Inspired by world champion skimboarder and video artist Amber Torrealba, this style stands out with a gloss-finished blue, purple and teal floral pattern at the temples and frame top. In the lower frame, a crystal teal tone that plays perfectly against the blue-green pop of the polarized, zero-curvature lens. 

Set sail in style, thanks to polarized lenses set in transparent frames for a sleek, modern statement. With a bold blend of pink, blue and black, the temples take a classic tortoiseshell print to a whole new level. 

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