Best Sunglasses For Driving

Best Sunglasses For Driving

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Best Sunglasses For Driving 

Typically, when the sun is low in the sky or shining brightly during the day, most people have trouble seeing. If you can drive well with an intense glare in your eyes, well, that has to be some sort of super power. No matter how resistant your eyes may seem to the sun, sunglasses can always improve driving viewability. 

Sunglasses designed for driving help keep your eyes comfortable. And just like skin, eyes require protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Not only do sunglasses shield eyes in facing the sun while driving; they also reduce eye strain.  

What to Look For in Driving Sunglasses

Your eyes are extremely vulnerable to UV radiation, which can cause severe eye problems over time, such as cataracts. So, driving sunglasses must offer UV protection. 

Another important factor to consider is the lens tint. Sunglasses with a graduated tint can block the glare while still allowing you to read street signs well. Self-adjusting lenses—which grow darker and paler, depending on light conditions—are another option for driving. 

Gray and brown lenses stand out as the best options for driving. Avoid pink, blue or green lenses, which can make red lights difficult to see; they can also impede the ability to see when a car is braking—potentially resulting in an accident. At the same time, steer clear of too dark a tint. Lens tints fall into four classes (0 to 4); the higher the number, the darker the lens. Class 4 lenses allow only up to 8 percent of light to pass through, and should only be used in exceptionally bright conditions, such as high altitudes. Instead, choose classes 1 to 3, depending on the intensity of the brightness.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better for Driving?

Polarized lenses prevent glare, which can come from sources such as car headlights and water on the road. Moreover, polarized lenses contain millions of parallel rows made up of tiny iodine crystals, which only allow half of the light waves traveling toward the glass to pass through. Basically, when sunlight hits the curve of windshield glass, it creates a distracting glare. Polarized lenses can block a majority of that on both cloudy and sunny days. This significantly reduces brightness without compromising on visibility; glare prevention promotes greater visibility when driving in bright conditions. 

Best Sunglasses for Driving

Blenders Eyewear offers an array of polarized sunglasses that are ideally suited for driving. Some of our faves driving glasses for women and mens polarized sunglasses are:

Pacific Grace
Crystal Wave
Madame X
Frosted Sunrise
Copper Fox
Lion Heart
Spring Heat
Salty Punch
Volcano Jack

Check out our wide variety online and drive safely (and stylishly) this summer. 

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