Women's Polarized Sunglasses


Polarized Sunglasses for Women

Women's sunglasses with polarized lenses can bring vision safety and visual clarity to your favorite style of sunglasses. With several color, shape and style options to chose from, you’ll never have to compromise eye care for your wardrobe again.

Polarized Lenses in Fantastic Frames

Polarized sunglasses for women come in a variety of stylish frames to match your sense of fashion, while keeping comfort and function in mind. Whether you’re looking for a classic aviator, cat-eye or round style, or are looking to switch it up with butterfly or shield shaped sunglasses, Blenders has the perfect pair. You can even choose between different colors and materials to suit exactly what you’re looking for. Our collection of plastic and wire frame polarized sunglasses comes in a huge range of contrasting color options. Whether you’re deciding on a classic black frame, or are venturing out with pops of color, you can’t go wrong.

Color & Style Options for Polarized Lens

The best polarized sunglasses may not be entirely one color. You may prefer your pair with an iridescent hue or a gradient ombré of . Gradient lenses that fade from gray to blue, or teal to clear glass, make great looks even more striking. Shimmering transitions between shades and tones work well with beach fashion, summer styles, and winter ensembles alike.

Polarized and Mirrored Lenses

If you need a little more from your sunglasses, we offer polarized and mirrored lenses to suit your needs. We believe you should have the look you want without sacrificing the latest lens innovations. Polarized sunglasses can help you see the world more clearly, and Blenders lenses won’t detract from those perks. Whether you’re looking for practical styles to take on a hike or a statement accessory for brunch, Blenders polarized sunglasses can give your look a practical yet fashionable edge.

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