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Ready to beat the blur? The choice is clear—Blenders Prescription is the prescription eyewear that offers the perfect mix of vision-enhancing performance and sensational style.

Our prescription eyewear is a cut above. We’ve gathered a fan-favorite selection of celebrated Blenders frames and juiced up our lenses with prescription power, ensuring you can stay steezy even while you give your peepers a helping hand. And with a wild rush of frame colors and patterns, you can seize the day feeling confidently styled.

While style is all well and good, ultimately, prescription eyewear is about performance. Fortunately, Blenders Prescription comes through huge in that respect, too. We offer single-vision prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, progressive glasses (catering to those that require separate prescriptions for near distance, medium distance, and long-distance viewing), and even blue light readers in 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 power levels.

That’s already a spectacular lineup of prescription power, but incredibly, there’s more. Our prescription glasses offer a variety of optional upgrades that level up your lenses in a big way. 

It starts with lens color. Many of our glasses offer your choice of lens color (clear, smoke, amber, blue, and pink). But this is far more than a style choice. The type of lens color you select affects the optional lens upgrades that are available to you. Here’s how it all breaks down:

Clear lenses let you choose between blue light OR high index upgrades, but not both. High index lenses are thinner and necessary for stronger prescriptions.
Colored lenses afford you the opportunity of choosing high index and/or polarized lens upgrades. You may add one or both upgrades.
Clear lenses do not offer polarized filters, while colored lenses don’t provide the option of blue light blocking.

Ready to learn more? Check out our prescription eyewear FAQ to discover all the benefits of the Blenders Prescription line. Live Forward, Live Focused!

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