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White frame sunglasses are in a class all their own. They stand out with neutral white while leaving everything else up to creativity. A perfect backdrop for serving as a blank canvas and emphasizing the other colors, white is a go-to for timeless style, appealing to everyone and matching nearly any outfit.

White Frame Sunglasses Style

What's special about white frame sunglasses is their ability to make other colors really pop. They can be plain white or have other colors or patterns on the stems or the entire frame. For example, you might find our classic white Blenders stripes on a patterned white frame to stand out even more.

White Frame Sunglasses Shapes

Like our other sunglasses, white frame sunglasses come in several different shapes to choose from. That's because the best white frame sunglasses have the right shape to complement your face. Whether you want to use them to enhance every look or you want to accent a particular style, white frame sunglasses also have the coverage you need, whether you're looking for cat eye sunglasses or wraparound shades. Urbanites and outdoorsy types alike can find the white frame sunglasses for both their needs and wants.

White Frame Sunglasses Lenses

Another part of the fun with white frame sunglasses is the lens colors. White frame sunglasses that are polarized protect your eyes from UV rays outdoors in style. Plus, mirrored white frame sunglasses add another layer of fashion chic, giving you another option for your personal preferences as well as being great for everyday use. If you love sunglasses and are looking for a first pair or want to add to your collection, polarized white frame sunglasses will speak to you in a way no other colored frame can. Our 45-day free return period is available for you to take extra time finding the right white frame sunglasses for you.

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